Freshly Minted Real Estate Broker

Sooo many times I have tried to keep a journal. I have a ton with a handful of pages written and then blank…. Pehaps having a blog will be different.

This week I’m 99.9% positive I passed my Real Estate Broker’s Exam in Oakland. I was sooo increadibly nervous! And wow, what a rush when I finished and knew that I aced it! Such a weight off my chest. I was supposed to do it last year but while pregnant I couldn’t think of anything but baby stuff, had to rearrange my house and all the cabinets and closets at least 3 times, and put it off. Then when the baby came I had major mommy mush brain, and between being higher on happiness than I’ve ever been in my life and lower with depression, anger and guilt than most of the times I’ve ever experienced (which is many) I just couldn’t fathom being able to do it. I could barely string together meaningful sentences at times!

So, hurray!


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