Great Links

All Organic Links A clearinghouse of website links to organizations, shopping, publications, health and beauty products, and more. AlternaMoms Unite A site for moms who question and think for themselves! Information on breastfeeding, vaccination, circumcision, and much more. Attached Mamas Newsletter, forums, and on-line shopping for moms who practice attachment parenting and more! Attachment Parenting Internat’l All about attachment parenting, articles, links and more. Autism Research Institute Information on treating, preventing, and dealing with the autism epidemic. Aware Parenting Institute Informative site dedicated to aware parenting with articles, recommended books, and links to workshops and consultations. Birth Love The living pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting resource. Loads of articles and great information! Birthing the Future A non-profit organization dedicated to gathering, synthesizing, and disseminating the finest world wisdom about birthing and the care of mothers and babies from pre-conception to the first birthday. BirthWorks BirthWorks embodies the philosophy of developing a woman’s self confidence, trust and faith in her ability to give birth. It is the goal of our Childbirth classes and doula services and Certification Programs to promote safe and loving birth experiences through education, introspection and confident action. Breastfeeding Information from A great resource for all of your lactation needs. On-line videos to get the right latch, find a lactation consultant, or buy nursing bras. Breastfeeding Matters Breastfeeding links and information galore! If it’s about breastfeeding, you’ll find a link here! Cancer Prevention Coalition Alliance dedicated to stopping the escalating cancer rates through prevention. Recommendations on lifestyle, diet, and more that may help to reduce cancer rates. Center for a New American Dream Organization working to help Americans consume responsibly to protect the environment, improve quality of life, and promote social justice. Great guide on kids and commercialism that you can download and nice selection of thoughtful publications for sale. Children of the Earth Website Informative and interactive website on ecological issues. Fun for kids, learning tools, great book recommendations. Compleat Mother Magazine The magazine of pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding (and more!). Feature articles on homebirth, breastfeeding, and circumcision. Defeat Autism Now Branch of the Autism Research Institute dedicated to medical and scientific study of autism. Doctors Opposing Circumcision (D.O.C.) An organization of physicians, and others who are opposed to routine neonatal circumcision. These doctors recognize that no one has the right to forcibly remove sexual body parts from another individual. They also believe that doctors should have no role in this painful, unnecessary procedure inflicted on the newborn. Dr. Mercola’s Website Interesting alternative health information. Fabulous email newsletter, up-to-date health news, a variety of natural products. Educate-Yourself’s Vaccine Information Page An alternative take on the safety of vaccines. Links to get exemption forms and to articles on vaccine dangers. Environmental Working Group Investigates and reports on issues affecting our environment and health. Concerns include lead, mercury levels in fish, toxins in personal care products, pesticides, and more! Feingold Association A non-profit organization of families and professionals, The Feingold® Association of the United States is dedicated to helping children and adults apply proven dietary techniques, such as the avoidance of artificial flavorings and additives, for better behavior, learning and health. Fluoride Action Network The Fluoride Action Network’s primary goals are to educate the public on the toxicity of fluoride compounds and the health impacts of current fluoride exposures. By way of increased education, FAN seeks to end the unnecessary practice of water fluoridation and reduce current exposure to fluorides from all sources. Food News Wonderful site with information on pesticides and food safety. Great wallet-size card listing high/low pesticide fruits and vegetables that you can download. Foundation for Health Choice Foundation working to protect freedom of health care choices. Get involved to take political action, lobby for legislation, or learn more about healthcare choices. Gary Null’s Health Library A searchable index of articles and information on natural health. Generation Rescue Empowering parents with the truth to help their children heal from developmental delays, autism, ADD/ADHD, and Asperger’s. Grassroots Environmental Education Non-profit organization dedicated to researching and disseminating information about pesticides and other toxins and their impact on human health and the environment. Healthy Child Healthy World (formerly CHEC) Healthy Child Healthy World’s mission is to inform parents and others about preventable health and development problems caused by exposures to toxic substances in homes, schools, and communities. Great information and email newsletter available from their website. Healthy Child Online Resources for raising healthy kids! Articles, products and links for healthy parenting. Holistic Pediatric Association Non-profit educational organization providing information and support to parents and child health professionals in holistic health and natural parenting. Helping parents reduce the use of ineffective and harmful drug treatments, and empowering parents to build healthy bodies and spirits in their children. Search our Health Professional Directory for a holistic practitioner in your area. Visit our parenting forums and find hundreds of holistic parenting articles. Membership available for holistic health professionals to receive education, mentoring, training, exposure, and networking opportunities. The greatest way to build your own website without needing to be a webmaster! International Chiropractic Pediatric Association Wealth of information on kids and chiropractic, links to find a chiropractor in your area, and research on such issues as ADD, autism, pregnancy, and more! International Medical Veritas Association A coalition of primary health care professionals formed to forge an evolved paradigm of traditional and natural medical systems. Publishes Medical Veritas: The Journal of Medical Truth. KellyMom.Com Breastfeeding & Attachment Parenting Packed full of breastfeeding and attachment parenting information, handouts, articles, etc. on topics such as nursing during pregnancy, solids foods, and more! La Leche International Worldwide breastfeeding support organization. Find a LLL Chapter, get breastfeeding or advocacy information. Maternity Wise Maternity Wise is the national program of the Maternity Center Association dedicated to helping women make informed decisions about childbearing. Tools to help you choose the best caregiver and birth setting and lots of great information! Militant Breastfeeding Cult Website A fun and informative breastfeeding advocacy site. Breastfeeding articles, lactivism, and creative products. Mothering Magazine Natural family living magazine. News, articles, and book reviews. Mothers Against Circumcision Informative site with articles on the risks and ethics of circumcision. My Own Thought Momz For Moms with a Mind of Their Own. Free newsletter, contests, message boards, and more. Nat’l Org of Circumcision Info Resource Centers Website of the National Organization of Circumcision Information Resource Centers (NOCIRC), a non-governmental organization dedicated to securing the birthright of male, female, and intersex children and babies to keep their sex organs intact. National Vaccine Information Center Website A wealth of information about vaccinations. Vaccine news, state-by-state exemption information, vaccine reaction reporting, and news on hot lots of vaccines. New Medical Awareness Seminars Vaccine Information you won’t hear anywhere else. After more than 7,500 hours of research has unearthed information from medical literature and government documents that exposes associations between vaccines and a chronic illness. Vaccines can play a role in chronic disease and the association must be examined. Low infection rates should not be the only measure of children’s health. High vaccination rates should not be the primary goal of public health officials. Organic information for healthier living. News, articles, and a just for kids section. Parents’ Action for Children A national movement of parents working to ensure that our nation’s policies reflect our concern and commitment to parents and their children. Pathways Awareness Foundation National non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness about the benefit of early detection and early therapy for children with physical movement differences. PAVE – People Advocating Vaccine Education A non-profit organization dedicated to helping the public make informed decisions about vaccinations. Lots of great resources and links! Promotion of Mother’s Milk, Inc. Organization dedicated to promoting the awareness and acceptance of breastfeeding. 101 reasons to breastfeed, discussion forums, and 3-minute activist. Real Diaper Association Non-profit organization advocating for and educating about the use of cloth diapers. Resources, support, and local groups. Real Mama Through quarterly newsletters on its website at the beginning of each season, Real Mama, Inc., educates families on how to integrate environmental stewardship into everyday life and how to achieve general wellness through environmentally friendly products. Check out our seasonal activitives for kids that focus on appreciating and enjoying the natural environment. SafeMinds The Coalition for SafeMinds (Sensible Action For Ending Mercury-Induced Neurological Disorders)is dedicated to raising awareness of the risks to infants and children of exposure to mercury. The Education Revolution The website of the Alternative Education Resource Organization (AERO), providing information on democratic education, home education, and alternatives. E-newsletter, links, resources, and great book recommendations. The Indigo Network Welcome to The Indigo Network where those of us who are being called to work with Indigo Children are able to connect with one another. We are parents, teachers and Indigos who come together to share solutions and offer alternatives. Many of us are passionately awakening to the vibration of Indigo and realize traditional education environments lack the freedom our children crave. Through our own intuitive guidance and practical experience we have come to find the essential elements necessary for creating a nurturing learning environment for “children of the new earth.” The Mindful Parent Organization dedicated to sharing with parents the many joys of parenting. The Natural Child Project Natural parenting website. Articles and books on co-sleeping, attachment parenting, non-violent communication, plus a children’s art gallery. Think Twice Global Vaccine Institute Informative site for vaccine information and links to holistic books by New Atlantean Press. Unschooling Website Come explore, where parents and children have learned to trust themselves and each other! A great site for homeschoolers and unschoolers, with articles, resources, and networking links! Vaccination News Website Updated news and information about vaccinations. Action alerts, personal stories, and adverse reaction reports. Vaccine Exemption Alliance Provides legal assistance regarding vaccine exemption, litigation when appropriate, vaccine injury, child neglect, and custody issues. Vaccine Information & Awareness An online resource for information about vaccinations, state immunization laws, and much more! Waterbirth International Resources and information about birthing in the water. Wears the Baby Information, Inspiration, and Useful things for mindful families. Soft Star Shoes, Advocacy tee shirts, attachment parenting articles, and much more! Website of Dr. William Sears Great source of information on holistic parenting, natural childbirth and more! Pediatric news, Dr. Sears’ books, and Ask Dr. Sears. Website of Elizabeth Pantley, Author Attachment Parenting-friendly author Elizabeth Pantley’s informative website. Book reviews and on-line parenting advice. Women’s Voices for the Earth Women’s Voices for the Earth (WVE) is a national, women-centered environmental health and justice organization founded in 1995. WVE works to eliminate or substantially reduce toxic chemicals impacting women’s reproductive health and to increase women’s participation, leadership and effectiveness in environmental decision-making. WorldWatch Institute Independent research for an environmentally sustainable and socially just society. Free online version of “Good Stuff? A Behind-the-Scenes Guide to the Things We Buy.”


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