My Little Soussan

She is so amazing! She is the most beloved and cherished little person to me in the world. Her little body wants to go go go all the time, it’s so much fun to watch and play with her.

Signing with your baby is soooo awesome, so increadible, so much fun! Soussan signed cat yesterday for the first time. Every time a new one pops out of her I am amazed to be communicating so clearly with her. We were standing in front of a fishtank yesterday at the Chiropractors office and she signed fish then pointed at the plant and babbled questioningly. Since I don’t know plant I had to say plant a few times and she seemed happy with that. =) The biggest one for me was last week when she saw me after being awake for a while without nursing and excitedly clapped her hands and signed milk with both hands (normally she just uses one). I laughed to hard at her scrambling to get to me.

Today she and I are going to our first LLL group meeting here in San Diego. It is at a birthing center that’s close enough for me to walk to, and I can’t wait to go and meet other mommas and their babies in the area!


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