Low Impact Lifestyle

Some of the things that our family has chosen that reduce our eco-impact are:

– relocating from suburbia to an urban condo for a smaller footprint and less driving
– not ordering cable, not purchasing CD’s DVD’s or any more new books (a sacrifice for me!)
– buying most things secondhand
– staying close to home / planning errands to reduce driving
– recycling, freecycling and re-using
– making things last (fixing things is something my husband loves to do – he usually makes them even better!)
– buying direct from local organic farmers
– buying most other things in bulk
– eating primarily a plant based diet
– trying to wear clothes until they really need a wash (within reason!)
– practicing EC/cloth diapering
– planning on being a one car family again when our leases run out and buying a hybrid
– going digital on our paperwork as much as possible and reducing junkmail (a constant struggle)

Now that we live in downtown SD, we walk wayyyy more than we used to, and we have more time for each other and other activism.

A great website to check out is www.noimpactman.com


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