Today’s happenings

My co-Leaders are back, YAY! I asked for their input and help with the Meetup group. I’m trying to make the distinction between the meetup group and the HMN Chapter as clear as possible. I’m making them both organizers so that they will have the ability to edit and add to the decriptions and stuff. So far it’s been pretty successful as advertising! I’m hoping it will allow potential members to get excited about what we’re trying to create and that way they can get involved in the creation of the chapter. I got so excited about the prospect of creating polls to instantly see what was important to everyone, I hope they use them! I’m sure we’ll get some Chapter members from this inital group.

Today I went to the Henry’s between North Park & Hillcrest on Park St talked to the manager about posting a flyer. He said they just got bought out by Smart N Final and would have to get approval for any postings, so I left a flyer for them to fax to the corporate office. I also left a flyer and brochure at the Best Start Birth center to see if I could approve them to leave there in the waiting room.

We are up to 20 meetup members, and 3 polls. Whew, I’m bushed! =)


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