Can’t wait to get my period!

I know it sounds odd. I haven’t had it for almost 2 years. But not only do I want to try getting pregnant again – naturally, this time! – I also want to try a cool product called Mooncup.

I heard about the Diva cup when I was pregnant and researching natural alternatives to a lot of things we unquestionably think go with having a baby (like disposable diapers, cribs, vaccinations, etc.) and on my San Diego Natural Families yahoo group there was a post about them recently that I followed out of curiosity. Someone posted this link:
Where a woman who had all of the varieties out there tried and compared and rated them. I read that, then went to the Mooncup site (her favorite) and read all of it. I can’t wait to try it! Think of all the waste we would save if all women stopped using tampons and pads! What a brilliant invention! I am so excited. =) I think I’ll go order one now.


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