Healing Affirmations

I am beautiful, capable, and lovable. I am valuable. I have complete faith and trust in the Universe, myself and my possibilities. All my needs are met, for I am one with everything. I love myself unconditionally and nurture myself in every way. I trust my inner guidance. I give and receive love. I am an important and valuable part of the world. I am perfect just the way I am. My needs are important. All my needs are met. It is easy and safe for me to know and express my feelings. It is safe to be vulnerable because the universe protects me. I am a beautiful child of God. I like people, and I radiate warmth and friendship to all. The world is a safe and nurturing place. People like me. I have as many friends as I want. I can set healthy boundaries for myself. I am healing all my childhood wounds and moving toward greater peace and happiness every day. My fears are melting away and my happiness is growing to infinite proportions. My mind is perfect, my body is perfect, my feelings are perfect, I am perfect. I speak my truth and walk my talk. My capacity to give and receive love grows by the minute. I release my past and welcome the present. My happiness comes from within. I am a good person. I can trust. I can hope.I can be curious and explore and do. I am somebody. I have purpose and value. I can imagine and feel. I have conscience. I can think and learn. I am competent and resourceful. I am unique and valuable. I have an inner sense of who I am. I can be intimate with myself and with others. I can be totally close and totally separate. I can love myself and I can love others. I am committed to life. I am responsible for my life. Everything that happens to me I create consciously or unconsciously. I have made a decision not to judge anyone, including myself. I choose to forgive everyone for whom I feel less than unconditional love. I choose to see the perfection in everything, just the way it is. I allow support in my life. I am open to new beliefs. I accept my parents and affirm my independence from them. I create my own happiness. I acknowledge my needs and feel free to make them known. I am appreciated and I appreciate others. I make decisions with confidence. I let go of things I cannot control. It is easy to trust because I am a powerful person. I have no need to control people or situations. I let myself play and have fun.


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