Mind & Mystical Affirmations

My mind is sharp. I think powerful, creative thoughts. I have an excellent memory. I see and create opportunities for myself with ease. I think clearly at all times. My thoughts are lucid, clear, and coherent. My mind is filled with thoughts of peace, happiness, and success. My intelligence is increasing every day. I like to challenge my mind to grow and become sharper. My powers of concentration are excellent. I easily remember and retain important information. My mind functions at a high level. I am creative and intelligent. Clear, logical thinking comes easily for me. My capacity to learn is unlimited. My mind is nimble, sharp, and open. I am solution focused at all times. I know what I want and focus my mind on it. I use my focusing ability to make mental images of what I want. I focus on the positive. My mind easily grasps new concepts. My mind effortlessly generates exciting and creative ideas. My mind constantly scans for new and healthy opportunities. I possess all the answers I need in my mind. My memory is outstanding. I can access all memories with ease. I easily focus in on the task at hand. I am mentally disciplined. I learn new things quickly, easily. I am a fast learner.

I am Love. I am happiness. I am complete and perfect. My very nature is limitless freedom and happiness. I am Love. I am the totality of Being, the ocean of consciousness, the limitless universe of all that is. I have nothing to desire for I am complete forever. I am Love. I am Compassion. I am Oneness. I am deep, immense, unshakable peace. Before all beginnings, after all endings, I am. I am eternal Happiness. I am eternal Peace. I am eternal Harmony. I am eternal Love. As the Source of everything, I have nowhere to go, nothing to do, nothing to become. All there is, is me. I am the ecstatic flow of What-Is, the endless ocean of pure Awareness. Compassion and love are my very nature. I am Oneness. I am eternal. I am the happiness of absolute freedom. I am the perfection of all that is. I am Love. All is well.

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