I give and receive love freely. I am open and honest in all my interactions. I attract those who have healthy, positive intentions. I radiate beauty. I enjoy romance and intimacy with my loving husband. I find it easy to express my love for my husband. I easily find ways to show my love and appreciation for my husband. I constantly notice positive traits about my husband. I communicate with my husband clearly and easily. I embrace passion and intimacy in my relationship. I find ways of demonstrating love to those in my life. I make healthy decisions regarding all my relationships. I bring a positive energy to all my relationships. My relationships thrive and succeed on all levels. The love I experience in my relationships is unlimited. I am attracted only to those relationships that are open, honest, and healthy for me. I maintain healthy boundaries in all my relationships. I am surrounding by loving, supportive, and positive people. All my relationships are evolving to higher, healthier levels. My relationships are passionate, exciting, and fun. I communicate with openness and integrity at all times. I relate easily to people in all kinds of situations. I am comfortable and confident in all my relationships. I build and maintain strong relationships. I find many opportunities to establish meaningful relationships. People like me for who I am. I am seen by others as loving, confident, attractive, and personable. I exude warmth and love. I am open to all that the universe brings me in my relationships.


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