The World Health Organization recommends breastfeeding well into and beyond the second year old life. This is a conservative organization which is saying two years is the minimum we should breastfeed for, NOT the maximum!

The American Academy of Family Physicians (yet another very conservative organization) states that weaning a child before two years of age leads to an increase in illness.

The worldwide average for weaning is 4 years and 2 months of age.


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    Ramius said,

    I thought a woman could only produce milk for one year…..apparently that is wrong…well I see u get no comments either and I am tired of this barren existence in blogger so I made my blog closed or whatever they call it and will delete it as no ONE ever comments even those where I comment.

    Doesn’t that annoy u and if it doesn’t it SHOULD lol…blogging is communication and we need 2 to communicate!!!!!!!!

    Ok good luck and sorry but I needed some place to pontififcate lol and saw ur page and that u got no comments and thought u could relate to waht I said but some don’t care if they get comments they say which is amazing to me!!!!!


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