Today’s Soussan Happenings

Soussan held the phone up to her ear today and said hi, then handed the phone to me and I said hi, then gave it back to her and she said hi… this went on for a bit so I called my sis so she could hear. She also signed bath when we took off her clothes and ran the water, and potty for the first time today! She signs so many words regularly now… eat, more, milk, where…. Dog, fish, baby, hi and bye she also says when she signs. Cat, airplane, tree, bike, train and bird she also signs but not very well. She’s sooo cute! I love knowing if she wants to eat or nurse or go potty. She’s running around like crazy, wants to walk on her own and push the jogging stroller herself, not ride in it! Last night she figured out that if she pulls a pillow down off the couch she can use it to climb onto the couch. Yikes! She loves to dance and play her little drum when we play drums – we try to do it once a day as our family music time together. Her favorite game is hide-n-seek – she shrieks and giggles as she bounces between us as we hide around the couch. I love her to pieces!!


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