Hooray! Soussan sat on her little potty and peed today! She’s been making the potty sign and sound for a few weeks but she usually wants to pee standing up (like daddy). I’ve been making more of an effort to show her that I’m peeing too when I sit down, and she makes the sign and noise for me, it is so cute.

Hi! and Whee! are the most used words in our vocabulary now – it’s hard not to say it back to her and she says it constantly. Which sounds pretty funny after a while.

Soussan is really slow growing in hair but she has a great mohawk – Daddy sucks it in with his mouth and that curls it up and back, its REALLY funny. Life with Soussan is hilarious. I’m so happy – and lucky.

Her room is almost perfect now – I was rocking her there looking out the window at the city and finally feeling “I’m home” today, with her in my arms. I felt a contentment and a settlement and a belonging that I hadn’t felt since the first couple of months we had her. Thank God, I’m so happy to feel settled in here at last. Sure there’s still projects to do around the house, but I’m so much happier now – happier than ever. Peaceful. Purposeful. What a great feeling.


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