I am a footsoldier…

In the Holistic Mom Revolution! =)

I’m half-listening to a speech given by John McCain and he said he was a foot soldier in the Regan revolution. I am a foot soldier in the Holistic Mom Revolution!

Life would be a lot simpler if I didn’t make the effort to go out there and make things happen for this group, attend events and reach out to others who may be looking for what we are trying to create. But oh the reward of helping people – especially other moms – in need!

I just came home from the LLL meeting and accepted a donation membership check and form from a momma who was in tears at the prospect of going back to work almost immediately b/c she is a single parent – and she has no family near by. My heart went out to her!

“It takes a village to raise a family.” I know Sen Hillary Clinton has said this, and whether you support her or not that statement is true. Our HMN SD group will be that village of Holistic minded moms that we all need help from in today’s often superficial and artificial world. If you are of like mind and heart, if you want to make an impact on your family’s health and happiness, if you want to enrich and increase the quality of your family’s lives, if you want to help others in your quest for what is best for your family’s and our planets well being, please join me in creating this group! Join today, volunteer for a position, be a part of the Holistic Mom Revolution.

=) All my love to you, Andrea


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