Oneness Blessing (Deeksha)

I am sitting at my computer compelled to write to you about my experiences thus far with Deeksha, with the Oneness Blessing.

When Hanna and Eric first sat down to talk with our Holistic Moms Group at the Birth Story Meeting at Tanya’s I was unable to give them my full attention as I had my hands full watching my little one and keeping her from grabbing other kids (she is at that stage). So with half an ear and little understanding I listened to their explanation of Deeksha. Then they began the blessing. After a few moments I looked over at Soussan peeking at me from behind a chair and all of a sudden I started to cry and laugh as this impossible joy welled up from within my heart. I have never laughed so hard while crying. My daughter came over to me, saying “Hi” over and over again to me (one of the few words she knew really well) and hugged and kissed me repeatedly. I reassured her by telling her I was happy both verbally and in sign language. I was reminded of when she first entered my body as a tiny fertilized embryo (we had In Vitro Fertilization) and how hard I’d prayed when everyone left the room to let me rest for a few minutes. I felt her in the room, I felt the answer to my prayers, I simply KNEW that I was pregnant from that moment on. I felt that joy again and knew that everything would be okay that everything is perfect as it is and such a feeling of happiness and delight washed over me.

While Eric and Hanna went around the room laying hands on our heads in turn, I followed Soussan outside and saw the world in a new light. That light has remained with me. Everything and everyone are precious to me. I can look people in the eye without fear of rejection or judgment, I look at people now and see other aspects of me. I meet new moms almost every day because of my group and I feel as if I am meeting old friends. I used to get irritated and hurt easily (yes, it’s true!). I still get upset but it goes away quickly, it doesn’t linger and ruin my day. I am able to get up almost immediately and apologize to my husband for getting upset (I get very defensive when I feel criticized, I’m told it’s b/c my parents divorced when I was young), which is HUGE for me.

I used to not answer my phone if I didn’t know who it was, and I used to HATE calling people whether I knew them or not – I was fearful and dreading, a habit from childhood. I answer every call now with confidence and eagerness, waiting to see who is on the other line and what I can do for them. Two calls this week were from women who want to help sponsor our Holistic Moms Network group, which I needed in order to pay for a booth at Earth Day by the end of the month. A few more were from new members and we had great conversations, and I also called Hanna and Kathleen and felt no apprehension at all. It is such a joy for me to be freed of this fear! I also had no problems before my meeting and speaking in front of our HMN group on Tuesday, and normally I have the typical public speaking fear (before the Open House I was a nervous wreck!!). But somehow the words just came to me and I was able to say what was needed without getting shaky at all.

So I went again to get Deeksha, Thursday night at Kathleen’s home in Coronado. Two other givers were there, Yolanda and Beatriz. During the blessing I felt very relaxed, and felt so wonderful sending healing energy out to everyone. I thought of many of my friends and their children in this group.

I can’t stop thinking about the Oneness Blessing, talking about it to people and would be on a plane to India immediately if I didn’t have a family to care for. I am so grateful and am so excited. =) I hope you all can experience it… enlightenment is a process, a journey like everything else, and it is so cool that you can go to someone to get some help along the way.

I will be planning a daytime Oneness Blessing meetup sometime this month at a park, maybe Mom’s can take turns watching the kids so that we can have more uninterrupted time. I am also planning on going again to Kathleen’s home in Coronado this Thursday if you’d like to join me (I’ll post it as a Meetup). Hope you can make it sometime!


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