Informed Vaccination

If you are a new parent, you are probably paralyzed with fear about so many things that pertain to your child, but none are as serious (i.e. life altering) as deciding what to do about vaccinations. You are either in one of three camps:

  • You’d follow the doctor’s advice (most will tell you to get all shots to schedule) and have no idea that there is any other choice
  • You’d NEVER let anyone touch your baby with a vaccine needle
  • You’re not sure about the risks and benefits and are confused and apprehensive about the whole thing

If you’re like us, and a growing number of parents, you fall in the third camp. Well, here are some links I’ve found that should help you make an informed decision about whether or not to vaccinate your child. Contrary to popular belief, you DO NOT have to have your child vaccinated in order to attend school or day care.

If you’re like me, you kind of wish someone would tell you what the best option is and be done with it, kind of like going to and seeing what the reviews say the best choice is. Sorry, this is the one critical topic in the life of a modern parent where you can’t go with the flow (for or against) and have faith that everything will be okay. You need to do the research yourself, carefully weigh the risks and benefits and make sure you decide what is best for your family, taking into account medical history, location, personal / religious beliefs. The best we can all do is try to take the option that has the least amount of risk for our child.

As a side note, I strongly recommend you breastfeed your child as long as you can – a minimum of 2 years is what the World Health Organization recommends, and you’ll be surprised as I was to find that the average age of weaning globally is 4 years. Consider how many women in choose to formula feed from days, weeks or months old! It was an absolute daily struggle for me up until about 6 months, and I did not nurse without pain until 11 months. We are just hitting 20 months as I write this. See the BF’ing page for more on the benefits of extended breastfeeding.

Mothering Magazine is a good holistic choice if you are looking for a parenting magazine to get. How is the breastfeeding going? If you are having trouble be sure to contact La Leche League right away for help. Feel free to contact me anytime if you have any questions about anything or need moral support.

Back to Vaccination. I hesitate to call it Immunization as many people do, think about the difference between the two words. Natural immunization is achieved far differently than injecting dead or weakened disease directly into our bloodstreams, along with the preservatives and toxins that come with their own risks and side effects.

I feel so strongly about this issue (Informed Vaccination) and I encourage all parents to please do your homework when it comes to Vaccines. I’ve gotten a lot of questions about this recently, and it is truly a high stress, high impact decision on your child’s life. Please pass this info on to any parent you know who may be interested as well.

I cannot / am not telling you what to do, and please do not take offense because I do no mean to pass judgment whether you are for or against or somewhere in the middle (as a lot of us are). Just please think and make your own choices about this, do not let your Pediatrician or Family or Friends pressure you to do something you may regret.

Here are a few thoughts that helped me put things in perspective…

  • Once you vaccinate, you can’t change your mind.
  • I’d rather my child get sick from something I didn’t do, and build up their immunity the way nature intended rather than risk the side effects of something I did do
  • When my child is old enough to understand the risks and benefits of vaccination, they will be able to make that choice for themselves

Below I’ll post the best websites and books I could find with information about the Risks and Benefits of Vaccinations, be careful to consider the source and make up your own mind.

Generation Rescue. Org

Childhood Vaccines – Making an Educated Decision for your Children Dr Sears, the Vaccine Book If you lean to pro-vaccine, he has a good schedule to follow if you want to vaccinate as safely as possible. He also recommends breastfeeding 2 years minimum if you are not vaccinating.

Mercury Preservative in Childhood Vaccines Increases Autism Risk – Dr Mercola



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