Green smoothies have changed my life!

Green Smoothie

Green Smoothie

I really can’t say enough about how green smoothies have changed my life over the past 3 months. Here are my top benefits:

1- completely wiped out my raging PMS symptoms
2- I easily lost almost 25 pounds in 3 months (just by doing them in the morning and a few lunches, not the whole day!)
3- I no longer feel like I have permanent Mommy brain (fuzzy thinking, forgetting and losing things)
4- I am so much more emotionally stable (for me, this is HUGE!)
I want to make sure you give them a try!
Here are some online resources for more info:
Victoria Butenko, the author of Green for Life, has a special on her book from now till 12/25/08. It’s half off at only $7.59! I’d love this as a Christmas gift if anyone feels the urge. =)

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    Paul Barton said,

    Its good to meet like minded people – the benefits of raw food are huge. My family has a real history of diabetes and heart disease and my interest in health really lies in that area. The fuzzy brain issue is a feature of repeatedly high levels of insulin due to diet. The Insulin problem is huge and it is not talked about – people only seem to talk about high blood glucose levels causing problems but my contention is that high levels of insulin do just as much harm.
    Have you come across trehalose a plant sugar that is really interesting in that it stabilises proteins and it seems that unstable or mal formed proteins are at the heart of almost every disease. Stop them forming and you can see great benefits. If you want to know more about trehalose just go to and search for trehalose and you’ll find me. or get me on twitter and i’ll point you in the right direction.

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